Miles of Smiles

" Guatemala, a country filled with ancient ruins; a country with so many lives in ruin

In June of 2012, I traveled with some friends and my pastor to Guatemala to visit an organization ca

lled Hope of Life. Starvation, sickness, and poverty overwhelm the country. The young and the elderly suffer the most. Organizations like Hope of Life selflessly strive to provide food, medical attention, and shelter to the many in need. I visited a nursery that houses abandoned babies, and I noticed many babies with Cleft Palete. All of the babies required surgery to survive. The nursery informed me that they lacked the funding required for any of their surgeries. So, leaving the nursery that day, I decided to fund the surgery for a child.

I shared my experience and decision with friends and family. I discovered that everyone I told expressed an excited interest in being a part of the process. They wanted to see pictures and have updates on the progress. Because one child may go through multiple surgeries, everyone wanted to stay informed throughout the progress. To my excitement, many also wanted to contribute to the cost. So, what began as a personal decision has now grown into something greater. With our support, a better future might save a child’s life from



Kids ready to Smile!




Facts about Cleft Palate


Children born with cleft lips or cleft palates can face a myriad of problems including feeding complications, middle ear fluid buildup and potential hearing loss, dental abnormalities and speech difficulties. Without surgery a child can face a lifetime of health and development issues.

Selvin's Surgery is Complete! 



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